Sunday, August 12, 2012

Score Sunday!

Well we went to the Flea Market this past Thursday.  Flea markets in Mexico are not out of this world.  The toys usually consist of McDonalds premiums from Happy Meals.  I was not expecting much. 
In fact....This was all to be had that looked interesting. 

An original Marx Creature from the black lagoon.  I already have one of the glow versions in my display case at the Monster Cafe.  But it was still a good get for eighty cents.  I plan on painting him up and putting him in a different section in the display case.
This is a rock playset for what I can only assume are for the Marx Dinosaurs from way back.  I haggled the man and got the tree thrown in as an extra.  Eighty cents.

This is some kind of carrying case and on the top it says MegaBloks.  Now, I have NO idea what a megablok is.  I assume it has something to do with legos but I am not a lego type of guy so...It has been repurposed...
Thanks to inspiration to fellow blogger Jboypacman who photos his toys against something....I now have some kind of photo backdrop when I introduce new scores I get from Marvel universe!  It is a little bit small but still effective.
Kirk is about to get the jump on the Gorn...Look out!
And my awesome cousin sent me these comics from Tennesee!  I crave comics in English! 
And lastly....
Some important books for my spirtual growth!

Thanks everyone for looking!


  1. That comic score is awesome. I like the building behind the Spider-Man's. Good score.


    1. I was hesitant about getting it but I gotta start somewhere.

  2. Excellent scores Hobby and a Marx Creature too cool. Thanks for the mention too my friend.

    1. Quite welcome! I will start painting the Marx Creature tomorrow.

  3. That building is going to make for some awesome pics HG!Love that Dr. Strange figure!

    1. I was SO excited to get him! He is the first one on my Defenders I will try to start.