Sunday, August 26, 2012

Score Sunday part 2!

Oh yeah....These I actually took pics of!  It has been a hectic Saturday night having hardly any waiters....Wish someone would take a job and you know....ACTUALLY keep it for more than one day....But I digress....Here are the pics...
Scored these guys at the local comic shop!  These are the new Diamond Select Monsters.  In black and white!  Glad to have the three....BUT....I much prefer color.  I may repaint them but it would destroy the innate value of them...Innate value?  What is he talking about?  Well Davidson will back me up on this....Davidson?  Oh sorry....I regressed into a Secret of my Success moment with Micheal J. Fox...So yeah I might repaint them.  Sorry purists.  Although I might not.  I´m an enigma.  Let´s move on shall we?
Oh yes!  When I was a kid I ALWAYS wanted the Sweet Pickles books.  They were too expensive at the time for me to REALLY want though.  My allowance went to GI Joe etc.  But I found one at the goodwill.  99 cents!  I hope to have the other 25 someday.  Getting books in English is impossible in ole Mexico.  At least in my city.  So this was great.  I love the maps at the end of the book of where each character lives!

A Goosebumps book.  Heck I like monsters but never read these.  I was heck I don´t know but probably in my 20´s when these were out.  I thought they were for babies.  I will find out.
Goodwill again.  Reis over at Lair of the Dorkhorde covered the Thanksgiving Peanuts book in his blog Hey look at my books!  But this isn´t that one.  This is Easter. Hope it is just as good.
Oh yeah!  A Choose your own Adventure book!  I had the first 10 when they first came out and quit as I do most things at first.  This is number 102 and it is something about karate or something.  The one I miss the most is Mystery at Chimney Rock.  I must have read that thing 10 times!  So this one is the only one I have so far.  Hope to find more on subsequent trips. 49 cents
Beware beware a witch won´t share...49 cents!  Lovin the goodwill.  I suppose it is a halloween book.  Haven´t read it before.
Bunnicula!  Never read it but I know it is a Halloween staple!  Hope it is good.  99 cents.
This was NOT 99 cents....BUT....I went to the more advanced book store inside the mall and this caught my eye.  I read Knightfall when it first came out in 1993.  Became fascinated with Bane.  Such a shame what each Batman movie did with him!  He combined two of my favorite things.  Batman villains and wrestling!  I had sold my comic collection when Dad died so this was a great pickup for me!
Having recently began an interest into the Infinite Heroes DC line and with DC Collectibles starting out with their 3.75 line with that awesome looking Green Lantern OA thing I had to find out what DC is doing lately....This was marked down ALOT at Sam´s club.  What a surprise!  Good things in it.  Features over 200 characters.
This was sitting right next to it.  Like Joey from Friends says It was an impulse buy!  Uh, near the register...
Big lots....How to be a vampire.  Really slick book!  Good glossy pages.  Couldn´t pass it up.  After all...I DO have a Monster Cafe ya know....
Following the steps of Revenge of the cosmic Ark´s Jboypacman I bought my first Corps set.  $12!  Wow!  We will see how big this gets for me.  I like cheap figures!  I like GI Joe.  Hmm...The two seem to fit.
Yup.  After watching the Clone Wars on DVD I have sets 1-3 I wanted one of these robots.  FINALLY found one at Toys R Us.  He will play the part of a mutant hunting robot in my future Xmen universe.  Tangling with the likes of old man Magneto and his mutant resistance.  He came with two Clone troopers too which I use as my SHIELD army.
Already talked about these Skrulls in yesterday´s post...But hey!  Spiderwoman and X23!  Spiderwoman who I JUST found out by reading the spiderman book I got is now Madame Web?  Well that really sucks....I want my old woman Web!!!  Give her to me!
Darn....Not a good shot of this.  This I found in Toys R Us for $10!  It is SO frickin weird looking.  It definitely looks like something Steve Ditko did for some weird Dr. Strange dimension.  It is a mountain with two mouths and two arms.  WILD!
Oh no!  Something from Dormamuu´s dimension has grabbed our intrepid hero!  What will he do?  By the hoary hosts of hoggoth!
Look at the back of it!  It is like a little red demon coming out to getcha!  WOW!  IT is so cool!
I have a few more things which will grace Score Sunday next week.  Don´t want to give it all away with this post....


  1. Oh Corps! and Marvel Universe figures plus Universal Monsters. What a great haul Hobby congrats. : )

    1. Gracias! It is only once every 3 months we get to visit Texas.

  2. Nice!You're gonna love those CORPS figures HG and all of the little background props that come with them:)Awesome scores!

    1. I like them alot! In the event I do not ever get a white guy Nick Fury the Corps one with the patch will do.