Saturday, August 25, 2012

Score Saturday part 1

Yup!  We took a trip to Texas.  It is like Disneyland for my wife and I after being in Mexico so whenever we go we are astounded.  IF we lived there it would probably be just blah....We stayed at the La Posada Inn.  That place is muy muy personal to me.  No I wasn´t conceived there...But it is where one of the lost eighties classics was filmed WAY back in 1982....Eddie Macon´s Run! 
Everyone was crazy about Dukes of Hazzard back then!  I know Reis over at Lair of the Dorkhorde talks about it all the time!  I was too!  So when John Schneider did one of his first solo films in Eddie Macon´s Run I supported him.  AND....It was a great movie!  So I was excited to stay at the La Posada inn....Very elegant for Laredo!  Wifey and I have stayed there around 15 times now.  She loves it.  So..........We visited the local Target Walmart etc....Came away with....
Aliens vs. Predator 2!  Now I know the fanboy population out there HATES these movies but I usually buck the trend.  And not JUST to buck the trend, it is because I like something or hate something usually.  But I like these movies.  I had part one but never part 2.  Had to get it! $5
Always loved this movie as a kid.  Sang along with the songs etc.  Love the colors etc.  $5
Got this one for $10!  Good little movie.  Always love Kevin Conroy.  I am still missing Year One and Under the Red Hood but they were $15 apiece and I am not missing them THAT much.
While in Target I scored these babies....

Got two of the Skrull.  My little army....Two....And such a shame to have Doc Sampson but NO HULK yet!  I see people at other blogs waving around their hulks like they own the place...LOL  Yeah one day the Green Goliath and I will meet.
So we swung over to the comic shop and....
Got Ms. Marvel Essential volume one!  Now you may ask....why would I want something like this and not more traditional like Spiderman etc.?  Well this comic will only be one volume.  That is why.  I have all of Ms. Marvel at my fingertips.  The comic shop doesn´t have Spiderman volume one...They start at volume 5.  I would rather find part 1 first and go from there.  So that is it for today!   Score Sunday part 2 will be tomorrow!


  1. I need to find me a Doc Samson myself and i will at some point.

    1. Lovin the old Doc! I wonder if they will go a step furthur and do the eighties version?

  2. It seems like if it is a great place to find rare and cool stuff, I hope one day visit there


  4. My wife and I were in Texas a few years back(2005). And we want to go back. The Skrull looks cool.