Saturday, August 11, 2012

Savage Pizza! An awesome place in Atlanta!

Howdy folks!  Why am I giving a plug to another restaurant?  Well....They are in Atlanta and I am in Mexico.  Pretty far distance if you ask me!  Right RO! It does not harm them or me to mention them.  I am giving them a plug because it was a seed that started Monster Cafe Saltillo and I am really impressed with them.  I do not know the owner at all nor am I getting paid for this.  The place is found in Little Five Points in Atlanta.  It appeals to toy collectors like me as well.   Well just look at what is in their front window...
Awesome right!  BUT it is not only a gimmick!  Their food is great.  This is my favorite pizza.  The Chicken Florentine! Spinish, garlic, chicken...Nom nom!
Their lasagna is a hearty man´s meal!  Little five points is home to some other cool shops like obscure comics and CD shows but I always stop into Savage Pizza whenever I visit.

Look at the decorations on the wall!  Too cool right!
This is their bathroom for men!  They lined their bathroom with comic book covers!  I took a page out of their book and  did the same with my bathroom back in Atlanta.  I have since sold the place.  Too bad.  One day I shall do it again.
It even has an outside terrace to dine at!  You can watch all the little five point freaks walk by.  It is a known place for skinheads, punks, goths, and other label setting you want to do.
This is the owner.  Got his pic from the Atlanta paper.  He looks pretty happy!
So take a visit if you ever visit Atlanta!  Savage pizza feel free to comment!  I promise I will not consider it spam!


  1. Action Figures....Check! Pizza....Check! Am in! : )

    1. The FOOD is great too! That is the awesome thing about it.

  2. I love this place. Every time Iv been there its been pretty busy.One of my long time friends works at Junkman's daughter.

    1. Oh yeah! You from Atlanta BroMidnight?

    2. Im from North Carolina But my friend who is about as close to being my sister short of being related to me has been in Atlanta for the last 14 years and we go down there a few times a year.

    3. Wow! I miss Atlanta alot! I have been here in Mexico for 6 years and the ATL is my home town. I miss the cheap toys.

  3. 1)The name "Savage Pizza" kicks a#$!

    2)The fact that the place is filled with super hero awesomeness kicks more a#$!

    3)And that food looks looks like it could kick my a#$!

    I'm hungry.