Sunday, August 5, 2012

Not an official blog post but something that needs to be said...

Hmm..How to start...I tend since I am from Georgia where we are all considered rednecks by the greater populace out there to be hotheaded at times.  Especially over the internet where one is not face to face with someone.  I get dissed or if there is something I strongly disagree with I might usually say something before thinking.    With that said as I get this blog started here and am still wet behind the ears I would like to apologize from the heart anyone who I have ever offended out there in internet land.  I notice some of my posts on other blogs were never published.  It is ok.  I turn over a new leaf starting today.  If someone wants to rail at me, I promise not to delete from the comments section here.  Unless it is someone trying to get me to marry Russian women or some innane ad like that.  I truly want to start over with a clean slate.  I know one blogger cannot stand me so I am truly sorry to that one.  I hope we can be friends because I think his blog is terrific.  We just got off on the wrong foot and it snowballed by both of us.  After this I will not be mentioning this again.  This should be about our passions not our egos.

So a pic to finish up....
My wife and I starting the Monster Cafe!


  1. Am sure things can be forgiven and a fresh start can take place.

  2. Awesome blog Bane.It is never too late for a fresh start and every new day we wake up to allows us to achieve just that.I'll be adding you to my blogroll and sometime this week will post about Monster Cafe Saltillo!

  3. It happens to the best of us at times my friend.Its easy for things to be misunderstood or to go a little to far because like you said its not face to face and it can be hard to read people when you dont know who (or maybe what) you are talking to.