Monday, August 13, 2012

Memory monday! Friday style?

I have named Monday to be Memory Monday.  A specific memory that makes me the dude I am today!  I think this one goes back  to 1982 and my friend Brett and I are hanging out at his house and asks me if I had ever seen a movie called Friday the 13th.  I hadn´t of course.  I was only 8 at this point.  Somehow he had part 1 and 2 on VHS but we watched part 2 first.  That scared the beejesus out of me.  Jason was a real guy.  This could actually happen!  And what was worse Brett lived across the street from Brook Park in Doraville Atlanta and there was a gazebo there that in my little mind looked like Jason´s shack!!!  So after that movie experience we would play Jason a little out in the park..

Or it could be where  the counselors stayed and get picked off one by one.  Nevertheless I never looked at that park the same again.
I mean it is not exactly like Jason´s shack but hey....It was all I had to go on.

  And in addition it was right by my elementary school Northwoods!
There have been a million writeups for the F13 movies so I know I am not saying anything new but to me F13 part 2 is the scariest Jason movie out there.  Even today!  Something about that potato sack was frightening.  Moreso than a hockey mask that he became famous for in part 3.  And it was also the first time I had a crush on an actress...
Oh Terri!  You were so darn CUTE back then!  So I have seen all the Friday movies and have most of them on DVD.  I say most of them because I hate with a passion part 9.  I do not consider it to be F13 cannon so it does not exist for me.  That is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.  And I DID see Plan 9 from Outer Space.  Anyone that tells you their favorite is part 9 is a moron.
I know my F13 collection is meager.  But I am not a collector of all things Jason.  Just the movies and this...
I got this on a trade!  Wifey and I went to a comic show right here in Saltillo and this was on the shelf.  The guy of course was asking for $50 dollars for it.  I do not know why but scalpers loom large here in Saltillo Mexico.  I think they believe that anyone will pay what they want because products are hard to come by here.  Whatever!  I traded 6 Jakks wrestling figures for this badboy!  I had gotten them for around $1 on Ebay so the trade was well within my favor.  But there it is!  Part 1 and Part 2 together!

I love that scene where we discover Jason is trying to re enact his mother being alive with the severed head and nasty blue sweater shrine.  The victims are deposited at her alter to pay homage to her.  I understand his pain having lost a loved one not long ago.  I wouldn't do what he did but I understand where he is coming from.  Sure would like to meet the scriptwriter one day from this movie! 
So I am sure this was a nugget for me in forming the Monster Cafe.  However I stayed away from this gruesome kind of horror...but not alone late at night with a tub of caramel coated popcorn that is for sure!
One day I would like to get the camp sign sewed onto a baseball cap.  Just a little nod to my childhood.  They do it REALLY cheap in Mexico.  I just have to find the time to do it.

My father hated these movies.  He said it was just killing for killing´s sake.  But to a kid who hadn´t at that time experienced death before it was quite the rush.


  1. The first Friday I saw was Part 6 Jason Lives. It was cool and scary. I guess that's why I am afraid of the woods at night.


  2. I stated before on Jason Vorhees blog how I still have nightmares with Jason from Friday the 13th.Ya think the movie made an impression on me as a kid?

    1. You were just a little Tommy Jarvis weren´t ya? ;)