Sunday, August 26, 2012

Memories Monday! Slurpee edition!

When I was a kid I lived near a 711.  It was a block from my house.  Discovered my first comics there.  But after that I found these.

Now I personally own NONE of these but I do miss them!  To drink your coke out of one of these things was awesome!  Even if I had no idea who the character was due to age.  I found out later who everyone was.  They were awesome!  Now the new Toon Tumblers have expanded on them.  They look great too!
Look at that!  Toon Tumblers even went retro with the seventies looks to them!  They made Marvel AND DC this time!  I have no Toon Tumblers at all.  Would love some someday.  But I did pick up at HEB in Laredo these cups!
99 cents a piece! 
There are 711´s ALL over Mexico.  Not one has a Slurpee machine!  I cry foul!  These cups are great but none will surpass the originals.


  1. Those are just awesome! It would be sweet to own a complete set of them.

    1. Yes it would be. That is why the ones at HEB are the closest thing!

  2. I have 1 Thor movie cup from 711. But those vintage ones look cool.