Monday, August 13, 2012

League of extraordinary bloggers theme-Mixed Tape

This week’s assignment from the League over at Cool and Collected : Mixtape . What songs were forever being looped on your car’s stereo back in high school. A cassette could only hold a dozen or so songs, so that’s the magic number of songs to list..Oh boy ..I am an old fart.  I cannot remember what I had for breakfast last week let alone tell you about a mixed tape in high school.  Heck I didn´t even have a car back then to put a mixed tape in!  But my first car around 18 came in the form of a Honda Accord white.  My mother bought me the car and overpaid for it.  She wouldn´t listen to Dad´s advice about test driving a car first.  What a mistake!  So anyway I will try to post Youtube links of my favorite songs. 
Song how high the moon means alot to me.  This was basically the theme from the movie Biloxi Blues which my director trusted me enough to play the lead Sgt. Merwin J. Toomey in the college production.  Such great memories.  I basically just did a very bad Chris Walken imitation and no one knew!  I may have been the first to do the imitation although Kevin Pollack gets all the credit.  Mine was in 1992.  When was his?  I think he ripped off my material...
My second one is from the Movie the Earthling!  And you thought I just blogged last time about it to come up with something....Shame on ya!  I love this song!  Movie too!  Always makes me think of my father.
Everyone knows this is from Grumpy Old Men.  Love that movie!  Would like to retire one day like those guys.  Ice fishing, watching TV, eating macaroni and chasing the gals.  Of course wifey would kill me but hey....It is an old man´s fantasy.
This is from the second movie.  Grumpier Old Men.  Even better than the first one.  Eating bacon sandwiches all day and drinking beer.  Grandpa lived to be very old!  He outlived all the flat belied experts..Ah the life!
This is one of my traveling songs.  Love it to death!  ALSO from a movie called Six Pack.  This was on HBO in 83 almost every minute.  Watched it too many times.  Gotta get it on DVD.  Always like Smitty the foul mouthed kid.
This is my other traveling song.  Eastbound and down.  From Smokey and the Bandit.  This was the movie in 1977....Oh and yeah that other one....What was that called?  Star Wars!  Whewww!  6 down!  6 to go!
From another movie called the Last American Virgin. 1982.  Love the theme!  Poor Gary never had it so bad.
Awesome sentimental song!  I could hear it over and over.  And imitate Dustin as Dorothy.  Isn´t that creepy?
This was from the movie Tough Guys.  Played when Kirk Douglas was shopping for something HOT.  Great song and great scene!
This is from Teen Wolf....It is when Scott makes the final basket.  What a great song and so beautiful!  But remember when they pan to the crowd scene...An extra whips out his uh...short comings and then puts it back in his pants.
This song the guy in the video dedicated to his mother.  I to my Dad.  Great song! In the movie Longtime Companion.  One more to go to make it to 12!
From another movie from 1982.  Eddie Macon´s run.  John Schneider.  Great song!
So there ya have it!  I wouldn´t be picking up any girls with these songs but man was I rockin solo in the car that I got later in life...

To show I am not an insensitive guy that just posts league stuff without mentioning other blogs.  You know who you are....
Check out what other leaguers say!  He has some wild ecelctic tastes!

So far Brother Midnight and myself are the only ones done.  But here ya go from the rest in case they finish theirs today!