Monday, August 27, 2012

LEAGUE ASSIGNMENT: Ninjas and Russians...

Who would you take in an 80′s character fantasy draft? Your team’s goal will be to defeat a shady conglomerate of Russian businessmen and their team of hired ninjas. It’s go time.

I have no idea what russians have to do with ninjas but hey....Am I supposed to pick an army to go against the ninjas or one guy or what?  Has a russian ever hired a ninja before?  And I can only pick characters from the eighties?  Does that mean created in the eighties or were around in the eighties?  I mean it would just seem simpler to call the Avengers or the Defenders, XMen etc.  There are already a million teams to deal with ninja threats.  But I will give it a go in my own rascally way.

This week´s assignment is question worthy for sure.
Well lookie there.  There is Wolverine taking on all of them.  So I bring him.  I win.
I see where it says to limit it to 5....Well I have no idea what to do so I googled eighties ninjas so I will drop in another four images.....
There.  Karate Elvis will join Wolverine to clean up the ninjas and do a few ballads of Jailhouse rock...
This was another google image under the title of Eighties ninjas....Hansi Hinterseer....Well this gay guy can make sure everyone is dressed properly after Elvis and Wolverine have kicked butt....
2 more to go huh?
The game warden from Jurassic Park came up under Eighties Ninja references....Hmm....I guess he´ll do.  He can shoot the Russian businessmen from far away.
This image came up too....I guess if there are any surviving ninjas they can always be taught golf and avoid going back to their evil ninja ways...

Looks like I am the first one done so I cannot put links to others blogs as of this moment.  But I will once more are done.
Well here ya go!  One member is done so  far!  The author of said topic goes into it!  Our own Bro. Midnight goes insane with ninja goodness!


  1. YES!! Elvis!! Ninja's playing Golf....think of the EPIC club batttles :)

  2. I guess if you finish up early, you can always play the back nine.

  3. Hey that's Hansi Hinterseer ,He's married with kids.

  4. Elvis says thank you, thank you very much.