Tuesday, August 7, 2012

GORN! From blogger 3-D Monster!

Around a year ago I won a contest at fellow blogger 3-d Monster Dan!  He was supposed to do art every day of the week for a month and if he failed and someone called him out on it then that person won something from Dan´s mancave!  I had NO idea what to expect when I won and surprised that I actually HAD won.  He almost got 30 days with the art.  And check out his site at http://www.3-dmonster.com/  Great art and reasonably priced!  Well an applause Gorn came in the mail.  Quite the coincidence as I had just purchased seasons 1-3 of Star Trek the original series here in good ole Mexico.  So I knew who the Gorn was.  I had never seen the show in my youth and figured how could millions of geeks be wrong!  I filed him away to send Dan an email with a pic of it but never got around to it.  Hey hey hey....Got a blog now.  It is the perfect time to showcase it.!

I posed him next to the Monster Cafe Menu so he would know it was me...Hey a year is a long time!  So finally I have a better place to put him where the world can witness....
 Here he is!  At the reception desk in Elvira´s cage awaiting for her to emerge to strike down with his fury...
Had to add Kirk there too!

Thanks Dan!

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