Friday, August 31, 2012

Freaky Friday....Spell books and copycats

Today was supposed to be about the Monster Cafe.  But I spoke about that on Tuesday.  Such a shame.  I have thrown out my own personal schedule about this.  Friday is supposed to be about something freaky or ghoulish....Monster related....So here goes....

Wifey and I got a couple of things for the cafe.  Some of which I have covered before with the black and white Universal Monsters but today is this....
They had these great creepy plaster books at Micheal´s that I thought fit well in the bar area. 
They are so awesome!  You really get the sense that Monster Cafe mixes it´s drinks in a special way.
Look at em right at the bar!  So cool! 
Here is another shot of them.  I am always adding to the cafe little things here and there.  One can literally spend an hour looking at all the stuff I have added over our 4 year stint. 
I mean look!  We are so awesome that we even have a copycat in the area.  Museo de la Katrina.  Or Museum of the Katrina.  That doesn´t celebrate Hurricane Katrina I assure you.  It is a museum about skeletons and the day of the dead in Mexico.  What happened was the guy that owned the house got to see what I was doing with Monster Cafe.  His wife is a sculptor and he offered her services for us to make us something.  Well she did and I thought it didn´t look good.  He was offering it for free and THEN changed his mind and wanted to sell it to me!!  The nerve.  I thought the piece sucked to begin with so what does the guy do?  He decides to make a museum thus basically ripping off the Monster Cafe.  Somehow they conned the government of Saltillo to give them money and calling it a Museum even though the wife makes EVERYTHING in there!  I wouldn´t consider it a museum if you make the art.  A Museum should have viable artifacts etc..He even painted the outside of the building after I had done mine that way.
I mean look at this.  How is this a museum when obviously everything is handmade.  Mine is handmade too but you do not see me getting money from the government to run my place...
  I used to have my waiters stand outside the cafe wearing monster masks with flyers advertizing my cafe so what does this guy do?  He dresses teenagers up like skeletons in hooded robes and does the same thing.  What a joke!  Oh well as they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...
Oh and I am thinking about getting Keychains done.  Let me know what you think.  Cheesy or cool?
And here is a shot of Monster Cafe´s mascot Tarantula feasting on a big juicy cockroach....YUMMY!

Look how proud she is standing on her four legs in a triumphant moment of victory!  And I gotta tell ya´s....Crickets who are WAY small cost 40 cents apiece to feed my baby.  Cockroaches are free.  They crawl the streets of Saltillo.  My chef captures them for a free cafe every time.  So go Elvira and eat it up real good!
So there is freaky Friday for ya!


  1. The Key chain is awesome, It would be cool if you could get them in glow in the dark.

    1. Yeah we had a traveling salesman pitch us the idea. We will see...

  2. I like the key chain. Like Brother Midnight said glow in the dark. Elvira must be in heaven(if there is one for spiders) with all those roaches.


    1. Yes she is but she is getting stuffed! You know how big roaches can get. It is like 4 times the size of a cricket. I hope my girl graduates to mice one day. Yes I am a sick man.