Thursday, August 30, 2012

Controversial Thursday- army building

Controversial Thursday is just a personal point of view.  I realize that MANY people feel differently then I do and that is ok.  It is just for me to vent and maybe make others think.  This topic today started when I saw on another forum something that pissed me off.  That subject was army building.  Now I am ALL for army a point.  In my opinion 5 is where one would stop.   I personally stop at 4.  This is the pic that did it.
Those are 19 Toybiz Build a figure Sentinels!  I cannot even begin to count up the cost in order to have ONE of these.  The Build a figure concept is simple in that one has to buy every normal figure from a series and each figure comes with one part to build another figure.  One might come with an arm for instance and you need to track down the other 8 figures to complete the build a figure.  I KNOW the old saying....¨It is my money and I´ll do what I want with it¨  and yes that is true in today´s world.  You can also be an ASS for thinking that way as well.
Another pic, same jerk.  16 MORE Sentinels from Hasbro.  It pisses me off that a kid cannot walk into a store and get one for himself because this guy has to hoarde ALL of them.  It pisses me off that I will never own a Toybiz Sentinel.  Not even one.  Now if he is buying them to sell later to make a ginormous profit, he is still an ass for doing so.  Toys are not stock options.  It is my own personal belief you do not treat them as such.
Ones may call me sour grapes for having such a thought in my head.  It is not jealousy I assure you.  I have plenty.  I feel for today´s youth or the old timer that wants to experience collecting again and get one Sentinel or whatever have you.
Now I know certain collectors buy them and they sit on their shelves gathering dust.  An occasionally the collector looks up and gets a nostalgic rush to see them.  I do it too.  But the above pic is OVERKILL with the tan battledroids...I do not wish to deprive my fellow collectors or kids who might discover this hobby because I was a jerk like this.

Here is another of the collector.  The one that has to own EVERY SINGLE likeness of his favorite character.  Reminds me of Toy Story 2 where it was the exact same Buzz Lightyear figure but the new one had a belt.  Ridiculous!  I understand figures of the same character from different toy companies, like my LJN Hulk Hogan and my Jakks Hulk Hogan but to have 41 CM Punks is absolutly retarded.  He may get oohs and ahhs from his fellow wrestling fanatics but not from me.  I think it is irresponsible.
They all have the same head but different paint jobs.  How stupid are collectors?  This is my own personal rule of course but I choose one definitive version of a character and that is the one I go with.  IF the character changes his costume in a significant way then I will get ONE other one.  I.E. Red suited spidey becomes black suited spidey.  Pretty significant change.  Now if it is just spidey but with webbing under the armpit, I leave it alone.  Same with wrestling.  One Man Gang to Akeem is a significant change.  One man gang with or without a blue jean jacket I leave it alone. 

So that is it.  Feel free to agree or disagree.  These have been my views for many years etc.  Unlikely to change in the future but ya never know.

Edit:  So I was banned from the Facebook group Marvel Toylines because I took a picture from one of the members there and posted it here.  I broke no rules etc.  I just had an opinion about what I perceive as uncool.  Whereas the member in question Antwan threatened to find me and kill me and cussed like a sailor because I had said opinion.  Yet I am banned and he is a member in good standing.  Truly protecting the bully and hurting the victim in this case.  Guess some people cannot handle the truth.  And I should also add that none of the members had the guts to post here to offer a differing viewpoint.  Nor did this Antwan...


  1. Im not really one for building a big army of the same figure, I do know people who go to every store around every chance they get and buy every one of a specific figure but its not my thing. That said there is a specific toy that I have bought every single one of that I have found for sale over the last 20 years but its something that very few people are interested in.It is something that I know the people who collect that line are looking for it and cant find one of because I have damn near all of them ..yes Im a horrible person.

  2. I may have ten figures I have two of and they come from people seeing a figure they think I would love and of course they are right because I already have bought the toy. I am like you. I would rather get something new than a repainted version of the same sculpt. I want certain characters from each line because the version is a little different and may come in a different size or have cloth instead of plastic clothing. I have many Doctor Doom figures and they ALL look the same because Doom always looks the same.

    I don't know what I mean but that guy with all those Sentinels needs to be murdered in his sleep.

  3. I can't see myself buying 12 A.I.M soldiers when I could buy one of them and 11 other different kick a#$ figures.I get a kick out of opening different figures.Think of how boring it must be to open the same figure in the same packaging over and over again.I think collectors like that are just going for the wow factor.I think it's cool to look at sometimes but I can definitely see your gripe.Great post H.G. and this segment kicks b-hind ;)

    1. Agreed. It is who has the biggest....contest...

  4. I for one dislike the fact of "collectors" building armies. The most of any figure i had was 2, one in package and one on display. Of course I did not do this for all my figures. But now I buy 1 and that's it, except for Clones. Those I have in a multiple, because there variations. ARC Troopers, Shock Troopers and so on. Now those Sentinals ate they the ones that come with 2 3.75 figures?


    1. Yes they are. So now this guy has 20 Wolverines etc. now.