Saturday, June 25, 2016

SALTILLO MUSEO DEL DESIERTO PART 1 DINOSAURS! wifey surprised me by taking us to the Museum of the Desert the other day.  This will probably  be in three parts mind you.
 The tour starts in the begining of creation.  The painting behind me was SO tranquil.
 We are walking down a winding staircase to get to where the dinosaurs are next.
 A compy!  These were the little guys in Jurassic Park the lost world.  I read the book.  It also said that when they bite you it released a toxin that made the victim feel so good.  So he didn´t mind being eaten.  yuck.
 A huge laboratory is where the magic all happens.
 A Dimitridon!  I hope I am saying that right.  I wish I had the Kenner JP figure of this.
I wouldn´t want to meet up with this cat in a dark alley.
A big Trex towers over me!

 Some kind of ostrich dino...
 This one is huge!  Imagine if they were around today...
 This one is kinda dopey looking.  Probably a veggiesaur.  A veggiesaur Lex!
That T-rex is a modern day Croc.  He could have eaten me with one bite.
This was laying on it´s side.  

Hope you enjoyed part one.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


So I have a friend named Enrique that seems to be in the DVD business.  So he has seen my list I have posted here and has brought some...Awesome sauce!
 Biloxi Blues!  Love this film!  Primarily because I was in the play of it.  I played Christopher Walken´s part.  Did a BLATANT imitation of him too.
 Young Guns part one!  WOOOOOO!  I understand Tom Cruise was cut from this movie.  Interesting.
 Fantasia, Pinocchio, and the Rescuers!  WOW!  What a haul!  I dropped LSD once while watching Fantasia.  yeah I am a little messed up.  But hey that was decades ago.
The Lion King and Aladdin!  Yippee!

So my Disney collection is complete ....well almost.  I still want Ichabod Crane.

Monday, June 20, 2016


Yeah I have been in the weird area of Youtube lately.  I saw all of the Ted Bundy videos.  The famous serial killer.  Probably the most popular for sure.  Wow.  Dude was cold and calculating.  Then the bar across the street has an associate that has a tan Beetle....So naturally...had to take some pics.

 There it is.  The Beetle of death.
 Bundy used to take out the passenger seat so he could put his victims down low so no one would see them after he hit their head with a tireiron to knock them out.
 He wore a fake cast in a sling to get the women to think he was not much of a threat.  Here I am doing the sling pose...
He would even carry books sometimes and drop them.  when the female bent over to help him he would hit them with the iron.  Here I am offering a ride.  HAHA

His name STILL comes up even in our modern day.  There was a woman that came out last year that got away from him but said nothing till now.  It was quite an ordeal she went through.

Saturday, June 18, 2016


I don´t speak much about it...BUT I love Mexico.  The government and me running this cafe make me dislike THEM sometimes but I love Mexico overall.

The above figure from Mezco is $250.00 dollars!

I figured I would never own one.  So Wifey and I on our day off decided go to the Desert Museum.  They have dinosaur bones, real reptiles etc.

Unbeknowest to me they also had a gift shop!
 OMG!  I saw it.  I had to have it.  Finally a Kong to call my own.  Yes he is a ripoff, not a real Mezco..but man...he is an exact duplicate.  I love Mexico!  The other dinosaurs were off the hook as well.  I shall return one day to pick up some.
 Right outside the Museum they had this foliage.  I had to take some shots of my new acquisition!
 Look how good he looks!
 Wish I had some 3.75 figures to give it some scale.  This thing is great!

Uh oh...I think he spotted us...
He has all the articulation that a real Mezco one has.  9 points baby!
Best of all....He was $10 US dollars!  Hell, I should sell these on Ebay and make a killing!
 As you can see he is the same size roughly of the krusher.  So this is a big figure!
 Now he belongs in the Land of the Lost!
Sorry but this Kong figure rules!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Back when Xforce debuted...the comic that is...I was a voracious reader up until issue 20 or so.  But man did I love the Stryfe angle.  Was he Cable´s brother or what?  We find out later he was a clone...but he was so cool.
Stryfe was very cool.  I loved the whole Xmen in the nineties.
I found one down here in the pulgas or flea market....He was missing his infamous mask and cape.  I had Ray go to work.
I think I need a shot of him standing up.  Ray did the cape and helmet.  Looks great.  I hate incomplete figures!

Monday, June 13, 2016


I found this Ricky Steamboat figure down here.  Some kid destroyed it.
The magic marker had soaked into every pour.  I tried nail polish, alcohol etc.  Nothing would move it.
Yeah I know.  Ray has to paint him again a little.  There is strong green still present.  I think he was in a rush.  But he added the dragon cowl in the back too!  Now it looks alot better.

Saturday, June 11, 2016


So I found the Toybiz big frickin Juggernaut from 1996...Of course some kid lost the helmet.

So Ray went to work...
It is kinda hard to see his eyes etc.  But least I got a helmet now!