Sunday, August 28, 2016


I know the title is a little strange.  These are mostly figures I had forgot about or just discovered that I think would make playtime exciting.  Numbered 1 to 10 as number 1 is the most one I want right now.  That taste may change next week.  Who knows?  But here it is now.

1. 12 inch Gi Joe Sand Scorpion!  I saw this figure and want it bad.  I can just imagine the pics I can get of him vs. my custom Avengers Goliath.  It would be awesome.

2.  These power rangers villians.  Normally I hate power rangers but I think these villians could be good MU Avengers foes or indeed Batman animated etc.

3. Creatureplicas Yeti.  Now I know I already made a Snow Giant with my Big John Studd LJN figure, but these would fight the MU Avengers like no one could.  Look at them!  They probably cost an arm and a leg so I can probably rule them out for my lifetime.
4. Disney Hercules ICE figure-  Wow.  He looks amazing.  I can see Thor trekking through the snow covered mountains and accidently running into this monster.  It would be an epic battle.

5. Hasbro or Kenner Death Star Droid 12 inch-  Never been into 12 inch figures...But I can just envision about 4 of these guys that the Avengers have to fight.  They could be doombots or something.  Just cool as heck.

6. Mcfarlane the Horrid- Could you imagine 4 of these guys attacking the MU Xmen?  Would be so cool.  Because building is only 4.  Anymore and you are an asshole hoarder.
Like the guy above that has all these Sentinels.  MAJOR asshole hoarder, greedy piece of shit.  There is no way to play with all of these.  That is why 4 is the perfect number.  Where was I?  Oh yeah, number 7....
7. 2002 MOTU Roboto-  You could customize them a little bit and put a Cobra insignia on them ...Instant Giant B.A.T.S.  That would be a foursome army to deal with.
8. Papo Werewolf-  Having 4 surround your party would be frickin awesome!
9. Safari Desert dragon-  Awesome.  I imagine burying them in the sand and come up to attack our weary desert troopers.  A complete surprise attack.  I see Roadblock unloading his heavy machine gun in panic.
10. Tomb Raider life shadow-  Whoa!  These things are scary!  Never saw most of these in the stores due to being down here for 10 years now but hey....I think they would make great MU Dr. Strange villains.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Again I like doing customs no one has ever attempted before.  I did the King of the Ring throne last year or 2013.  I had to do how a wrestler that is king gets to the ring.
I wanted to spice mine up just a bit though and add the crowns on it.
 Now I can simulate the wrestlers taking the new king to the um...ring.  It fits on the figures shoulders.
 The crowns are awesome looking.  They add the air of authenticity to the whole thing.
He even put one on the back of the golden throne.

BUT...I got too lazy with trying to balance four figures in hoisting this thing.  oh well...maybe next time.

Monday, August 22, 2016


I saw that someone did this on the mu facebook page.  So why should I do without huh?
 Sorry about the quality of these photos...a little dark.  But at last cap has his shield in glorious red white and blue.  The previous shield that came with it had silver instead of white.
Ray glued two straps so I can put it on Cap´s back too!  I am so into my MU figures.  Wish I had some other Avengers too.

Friday, August 19, 2016


Still doing a little wrestling things once and awhile.  These figures had to have something extra.

 Ray added necklaces to the Hardy Boyz.  I thought it brought something new to them.
 Bone necklaces for the Wild Samoans!  Now they look complete!
When George Steele first came out he was hairy.  I had that figure.  Then later releases had the hair painted on.  When Dad died I sold my hairy one.  So I had Ray put hair on this painted on one.  He looks MUCH better now.  Isn´t it gross?

Monday, August 15, 2016


So wifey and I took last Sunday off and went to the pulgas.  It was around 5pm and really did not expect to find anything.
I did find this Justice Lord Superman.  He looks comparable with the Super powers one for sure.
Also found this Pirates of the caribbean guy.
Also found this Toybiz Kane.  One of the spinning blades was broken off.  I had Ray make another one.  If you look closely you can tell which one it was.
Lastly was this Toybiz Hawkeye.  He had no quiver nor bow.  I had a bow I found down here and gave it to him.  Ray sculpted a quiver with two arrows in it.

That was it...oh well...better luck next time.

Saturday, August 13, 2016


Back when we opened up Monster Cafe we wanted no one to sit at the bar.  We didn´t want to be a bar like you see on TV.

We had these two paper reserved signs for 8 years.  They are so worn down now they are barely legible.  So my Wifey had Ray make some new ones.
Very cool looking!  Ray read my mind.
He put lighting on the one side.  It looks so cool with raised lettering.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


I was just saying after doing the staff for Twitch of Toy Story and I wanted more Heman figures.  Well Santa was at the pulgas today and I got some.
 I paid about $3 for each one.  I figure it was quite a steal.  They would have been more on Ebay with shipping!  LOVE having some of this line back again.  Never owned Stinkor before but had all the others.  Kobra Khan, Stinkor, Triclops, MerMan, Webstor, and Clawful.
Also I got the heroic warriors. RamMan, Mechanek, Stratos, and Buzzoff.

Of course I will have Ray do a complete restoration on them one day.  I feel much better about Mexico.  I can really see me getting my old collection back down here.

Remember when the AWA Remco guys I found attacked MOTU Whiplash?

Well the new MOTU did a counter strike to help Whiplash-one of their own.
 The evil warriors corner the AWA Remco guys and a historic beatdown occurs!
 Triclops and Merman take out Ric Flair!
 Stinkor and Khan slap the beejesus out of one of the Longriders!  Absolute chaos!
Clawful and Webstor strike down the other two...Zybysco will be feeling that in the morning!

I cannot tell you how happy I am.  My Heman collection was SO small!  Now it has grown in size.  Who knows what else I will find at the pulgas as the days go by!


Around the 10 minute mark.  Did I HEAR that correctly?  They want to do characters that were never made in this style again after 30 years?  Someone is pulling my leg.  So my want of collecting them got even more intense.  GIDDY UP!