Saturday, October 15, 2016

PULGAS RUN! Shin Tzu and Mad Bomber!

So Wifey and I went to the flea market last Sunday.  We are doing it once a month now which is great.  We went at 5pm and I didn´t expect to find anything.
 Dang it...He is out of focus!  This is the Ra´s substitute from Batman Begins.  Since I want the animated one as MY Ra´s...I think this guy will be Shin Tzu from some batman video game.  Leader of Chinese ninja clan or something.
Lex Luthor from Superman Returns.  But he doesn´t look like how I imagine lexy to look...So I have renamed him the Mad Bomber.  I am willing to have a better name for him if someone comes up with one though.

Like I is slim pickens at 5pm...but at least I got them.  They were on my list afterall.

The next coming posts will be about the naked MOTU I found with Ray´s fixings to em!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Since I was looking around for Ray to do more stuff...I came across some Toybiz Gambit figures I had.  I had made the Famous Covers one so why not?
 The first Gambit staff I had made was the first Gambit figure from Toy Biz.  I do not think it is the first Gambit figure ever made.  I believe Applause holds that distinction.
He is ready to pounce into action!
 This guy was my go to Gambit.  I liked him much better than the first one.

He is ready for the danger room!

Saturday, October 8, 2016


So I found this fabric that is just awesome for Halloween.  I did´nt want exactly halloween mind you.  A neutral fabric in horror with a taste of it.
 Mini black skulls all over it.

 Boy I am ready for October!
Cue monster laugh!

Thursday, October 6, 2016


I figure that I would never will ever have the DC Direct knightfall Bane or the DC Classics one.  So when I discovered I had a Jakks Maximum Sweat figure without a head lying around.  I almost threw it away as I would have done had I still lived in GA.... well....Ray went to work.

 YES!  He looks great.  A bit cartoony...but the size is right.  let´s face it.  I will probably never own the DC Direct nor the Build a figure Bane figure in my lifetime.  So I had to make one.
Ray did the Venom dial and plugs in the back of his head.  So awesome.

 Since I was a huge fan of the Knightfall storyline and HOPE DC decides to do it in animation...I had to make Trogg.  He was one of Bane´s underlings.  This was a beat up Ninja Wolverine figure I had lying around.  He fits the part.  Trogg was bigger than the others.
 I also found a Power of the Force Han Solo figure.  He became Bane´s right hand man Bird.
 They look great together.  The only one I did not make is Zombie.  I figured I would just use an MU professor X figure in my play one day.
 Remember I found the Multiverse Mr. Freeze?  Well I had Ray make his gun for him.  And Ray opened up the mask and painted his face a little bluer than the white style it came with.
Found a power of the force Princess Leia.  Had Ray make her into Batman villain Nocturna.

After these it might be a month or so before I share anything that Ray can make.  He is currently making the naked MOTU figures I got into their glorious selves once again.  It will take awhile.

Sunday, October 2, 2016


Looking around for Ray to complete my figures has been fun.  I had found a Peter Parker figure not too long ago.  He needed his camera...So.......
Looks fantastic.  Just a little more and I think I will be done.  Then it will be time to get more figures!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

RANDOM PULGAS OUTING beastman batmen

So Wifey and I decided to take off on Sunday.  A random trip to the flea market.  I came away with some pretty good stuff for $7!  I never had any of these figures before mind you.

1. BTAS Dick Grayson- I thought it was so stupid to show make these figures like this.  I will be customizing for how he looked in the show.  What kind of dork has the initials DG on their shirt?

2. LOTDK Cyborg Batman- Never bought him before.  I like him.  Like the eye that lights up.  I gotta have Ray do a cape for him and he will be all set.

3. BTAS Batman with bobbing head-  I almost want to call him sad Batman.  His head goes up and down.  Never even seen this guy before.  I guess he was done in 1997.  He needs a cape too.
4. Jurassic World Veliciraptor.  Wow.  These figures suck in comparison to the Jurassic Park figures 20 years before.  He is static.  Only his arms move.  I am going to have Ray customize him as well.
5. Mcdonalds BeastMan-  I think he was from Mickey D´s.  Or Burger King.  He is great.  Multi articulation, 3.75 inch size.  I think I will have Ray make a mount on the Raptor for Beast Man to ride on.

Very happy with my purchases.  I just love the flea market.  You never know what you will find.

Sunday, September 18, 2016


Going to Arteaga on Sunday´s is not just a good day to get figures but to have fun too.
Pony rides!  We never do it but that may change in the future.
Wifey poses with a few.
We love the sunny days of Arteaga!  Look at that sky!
My turn!  In the bag is the Heman figures I picked up from a couple of blog posts back.
Look at those mountains back there!  That is something I never saw in Georgia
Honey..I think your pony is a little hoarse...See what I did there?  HAHA  Yeah it is an old joke I stole from Top Secret the movie.
The square from Arteaga.  I love this area of Coahuila.
They even have a little creek below.
The handsome couple!
Can we come again to get more toys?
Strolled into the Arteaga church for the first time.
Outside said structure.
Storm clouds coming!  A great place to live.
Very curious to see what is down that road.
Saw a little dog sleeping near the water.
So awesome that stream is.

All in all one of the best days ever to be there.  I got lots of great figures!  Saw god´s green earth.  Couldn´t be better.
 Found more water on the way to Arteaga!  wow.  For sale too!
 Just lush and green.
 Even some cows walking in the middle of the road!
 Cows!  Yeah I never saw that stuff in the big city of Atlanta.
 Even a black horse which I named....
The Black Stallion!  From the 1979 movie of my youth!