Sunday, June 25, 2017


Had this Captain Britain laying around.  I bought it before I knew of the existence of the more accurate one.  So I looked at all villains that looked like him.  Flagsmasher was the logical choice.
Marvel Universe are no longer being delivered to Mexico.  Oh well.  So I gotta make do right?

Cap is on him like stank!  Glad I could do something with this figure I otherwise would have never used.

Friday, June 16, 2017


So unbeknowest to me, my wifey has been giving Ray some broken glasses and mugs we had to create art from in the Monster Cafe.  And I LOVE IT!

It was just a regular skull mug we bought at party city and Ray painted it up swell.
This was a small beer glass and Ray created a shrunken head in it.  Everytime I look at it I think of Beetlejuice.
 This next one is inspired.  It looks like a brain is coming out of an old wine glass.
The eyeball on the side is a great touch.
 I thought Ray was going to just paint this straight up. A red and white coke glass...
But then he arrived with it having foam and a straw!  So frickin cool.  It reminds me of that floating food you can buy that is made of plastic some specialty stores have.

Friday, June 9, 2017


Not as good as last time but almost.
1. Last Action hero Arnold!  I only owned one figure of this in my life.  The Ax Ripper.  Hope I find him someday.
2. JLU B´wana Beast- I read up on his powers.  He merges animals together or something like that.  Eh, I will give him the power to turn into animals instead.
3. Toybiz Hobgoblin- How could I not own him?  He is my namesake!
4. Pirates guy- I have a great collection of these now.
5. Santino Marella- Shocked to find modern Mattels are hitting mexico.  He fills a definite hole.  I think all I am missing from series one is the Hurricane and Mike Knox.
6. Batman forever Riddler- Had him in 95.  Glad to have him again!
7. DC Scarecrow- YES!  This was the awesomest toy I got this day.  All I need is Joker and Killer Croc from this line.  The vendor said he had just sold a Bane right before I got there.  Drats!
8. Disney Rhino- He is huge.  He is the only one I wanted from the Disney pack.  All I want now from this line is Doc Ock, Sandman, and Juggernaut.  Eh, maybe Hulk too.  Gotta have Ray fix his horn though.  He is the only one that has damage.
9. Pez Fozzie- My pez collection is growing SLOWLY!  Gotta find more for a special project.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Well it was ley seca in Saltillo.  That means the dry law.  And THAT means when they do their voting here, restaurants are to close early and not open at all on Sunday to not serve alcohol.  I guess they want their people to be sober when they vote.

So Wifey and I took a trip to the flea market or pulgas if you will.

I have talked about the pulgas before but never showed it to you.  Arteaga is where the best one is.
The entrance to it is nice.  By 4pm the place is packed with people.

But first we had to stop by the little river in the city.  Took off our shoes and enjoyed it immensly.
 They don´t call it the magic town for nothing!

Vendors set up shop to sell food.  Boy is it good!
 People from all over the city come here.

Rows and rows of toys.
Little food carts everywhere.

A third vendor has come in the past month carrying toys!  Yippee!
 We stopped at a cemetary later.  an old one.  Look at this crypt!
 One guy loved the Beatles so much he was buried with em!

Very cool crypts.  We went there to remind us that life is precious.  Enjoy every minute of it.

Next time I go over what I got at the pulgas!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Dracula got so hot that he dropped trau!
I hope that is how you spell trau...Anyways we had Dracula repaired at the Monster Cafe.  His legs were a little to fix him we had to undo his pants.  I couldn´t resist taking this shot.  HAHA  We can all see he is circumsized!
Ray went to work...with what little assets Drac had.  HAHA

Thursday, May 11, 2017


OMG!  I have never heard of this wrestling before.

I am a guy that tends to love the WWF and that is it.  I knew very little of ECW....but ECW is baby crap next to these two promotions.


I was a diehard WWF fan since 87...but I gotta tell ya...These guys in these little indy leagues put their heart and soul into it.  I have NEVER seen moves like these guys do.

Take a gander for yourself.  Insane moves.  MUCH more exciting than the WWF could ever be.

It got my creative juices flowing once again.  I am wanting to do some crazy wrestling customs again.  Like....

1. Explosive death match thingie.  I don´t know exactly what you call it...but Terry Funk and Cactus Jack had some in Japan.  I thought about strapping some little firecrackers to some wooden boards would do the trick.  Light them up and bam!  They freely sell them here in Mexico YEAR round.  Cheap too.  Gotta explore.

2. Thumbtacks in a box.  Wow.  A great place to keep them.  Gotta find some small nails or something that would substitute for them.

3.  Yup.  This was right out of IWA wrestling.  Sparklers on a baseball bat.  It would work perfectly for wrestling figures!
4. Lighttube log cabin-  Wow.  Seen plenty of these.  But how would you simulate the broken lightube if an action figure hits it?  I think I figured that out...the answer is....
BABY POWDER!  Just sprinkle a little of this in the ring and it will give the illusion the lightube got broken.  Whoa!

5. Barbed wire trampoline-  Ray could do this one easy peasy japanesy.

6. Bed of nails-  Easy too.  I think a stripped off hair brush painted in silver would do the trick

Wow huh?  These are just a few of the items I am thinking of doing soon.

Another one is in the clip above.  As soon as one wrestler gets knocked into the turnbuckle a drawer up above him drops thumbtacks on him.  I could NOT find a pic of that.  Would love to have a pic so I can show Ray what I am talking about to make one.

Thursday, May 4, 2017


I was done with buying and turned around to leave.  But ANOTHER toy table caught my eye.  Had to investigate.  Well I ended up leaving with even more awesome crap.  There were two kids in front of me that had no idea what they were looking it.  I swooped in like a vulture and scooped them.
Cable 4!  Never had him before.  Decided to get him.  Apocalypse 1!  Had him in the original run.  Loved his body extended but let´s be honest here...Apocalypse 2 by Toybiz blows this one out of the water.  I will have Ray make custom tubes for him.

The next two really get my blood boiling!  A PVC 1992 Ghost Rider by Applause!  I had the entire run of these in the nineties.  LOVE them!  Finding one of these is quite rare in the wild.  Now I have 4 of the set.  Missing probably 30 others....

A Batman 1988 Hamilton figure!  AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!  So happy to find this guy.  I was SO surprised no one snatched him up!  I mean Batman is popular...even in Mexico!

I had him, Robin and the Joker back in 88.  SO glad to have this one again.

So this is the final pulgas trip for awhile.  Gonna be focusing on finishing the wrestling clothing for the foreseeable future.