Friday, August 29, 2014


I never had the Mcdonald's Batman animated characters.  Always kind of wanted them though.  They are cheap to come by.  Am really wanting the real figures but for now these will have to do.
Aquaman and Mcdonalds GL I can leave for sale in the Monster Cafe display case.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I won an auction recently and I will be doling it out to get as many blog posts as possible.  I was around in 1984.  12 years old.  The first Super Powers figure I ever saw was the Flash.  I bought him immediately.  The Super Powers were some of my favorite figures as a kid.  But with the fire of my house, they all went up in smoke.  So I am glad I won this little guy.
Very happy indeed to have another Super Powers figure after what...30 years!  He is incomplete however...SO.......My artist will be making his cape for him.  I hope it turns out good.  He also came with a JLU Wonder Woman.  Heck yeah!  Although I would prefer a Super Powers one.  This JLU one cannot sit down.  That sucks.  I hope to get more Super Powers one day.

What I want to know is...WHY did the line end after 3 waves?  They hardly even scratched the surface.  Mattel did more than Kenner ever did.  Since retro is so popular why hasn't Hasbro gone back to these gems?

Monday, August 25, 2014

Perhaps I shouldn't gloat...

Was so happy when I received the CD....Now it is lost again.  Matty 1 Nyda 1 now...

Remember that blogpost?  I was so happy to get the Goodbye Girl CD back in my possession.  When I first got it I listened to it quite a bit.  Kept it in my car.

Well....another asshole drug addled Saltilloite broke in the car and robbed me of my CD's.  That is right.  Some punk kid is now listening to Broadway Showtunes!

He also stole....

A broken lightbulb we had in the car as an example of what to buy at Home Depot.  That's right.  The idiot kid stole a LIGHTBULB that was broken!  I love this kind of justice...

He stole my USB drive.  Yes, he now has thousands of pics of childhood toys on my want list.  I hope he doesn't buy them...

He stole a Darth Vadar figure I had in the car.  It was a type of figure you attach to the car and would play 3 phrases from the original 1977 movie.  So now we have an idiot kid that doesn't speak English getting instructions from the Dark Lord himself...
They also stole this broken Spiderman lamp that my wife gave me as a present a few years ago.  It was in the car to get fixed.  

He however, did not take the Superman carmats, or the Star Wars window sunlight shielder.

HOW many drugs can he buy with the crap he stole?  Nothing!  That is what is so funny!

But now I gotta find that CD again.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Let me take you back to 1993.  I was dating a gal named F who had had a baby prior to our relationship.  It was a great 8 month courtship...THEN JW's called me and we broke up.  She didn't want to be one and I was blinded by their so called love for me.  Well...For revenge she stole my newly acquired JP dinosaurs and gave them to her daughter.  I was so distraught over the whole thing that I didn't even notice it till I had moved back to Atlanta from the little North Georgia town I was in.

Now after all this time I have them back minus 2.
 So fricking cool!  I bought them originally to make a Savage Land with the Toybiz figures but never got around to it.  So above is Young TRex, Stegasaurus, Two Compys, a velaciraptor, and 3 Dilphosaurus!
Now from the first series all I am missing is the Triceratops and the Big T-Rex.

So I suppose I will make a savage land with my MU Xmen!  I cannot wait to take them out to the Mexican desert to take some action shots with Xmen etc.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


When I first opened Monster Cafe I made a deal with the Monster toy community.  I sent them a case of knockoff Monster toys and they sent me whatever they could.  Not much came but this did.
Dracula in the catacombs with his lady fair.  I love it.  It lights up red.  That was ONE thing the MC community did for me that I will always be grateful for.  The thing is so cool.  I understand a Creature and a Mummy were made for this line too.

So this will be my last blog post for awhile as I have no camera and no new toys.  For at least week I would think.  I have some stuff coming in next week so we will be back to normal then.

Friday, August 15, 2014


Found him at the Pulgas!  20 cents!  It was a steal!  He is around 6 inches tall.  I love these big Marx guys.  My luck?  He is probably a knockoff...

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Controversial Thursday is usually reserved for where I am pissed off and tell the truth about something or someone....And this is no exception!

Having the only Monster Cafe on the planet.  Yes I said the only one.  Universal's doesn't count.  They own the characters etc.  Vampire cafe in Japan doesn't count, it is only vampires etc.  Jekyll and Hyde's in New York is close I will admit....But it is not specifically geared towards monsters.  There are more skeletons than anything.  Even more than my ex-girlfriend....HAHA

I have waxed before about being ignored for interviews by the American Monster Community.  I have repeatedly asked Scary Monsters magazine and Famous Monsters of Filmland for SOME kind of publicity, even offering to pay for it.  Nothing....

So why should Diamond Select be any different?

They had a contest on their Facebook page recently.  All one had to do is to send them an email to get two of their Monster figures.  Phantom of the opera and the Metaluna Mutant.  I said they could send them to me as I own a Monster Cafe and thousands of monster fans would see them every year.

They started saying I was not a fan but rather a business owner...They said I had to have a relationship with the Karloff estate to get in the contest....They asked if I had licensed my cafe etc.  DOES ANY OF THE PEOPLE THAT BUY THEIR PRODUCT HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH THE KARLOFF ESTATE?

Take a look at these pics...

 The above pic is from Applebee's.  Did they obtain the proper licenses from Florida State to use their logo in their cafe?  OH THE SHAME!
Another pic from Applebee's.  Notice John Wayne's pic.  Did his estate give permission for his image to be hung in ALL of their 400 restaurants?  Um no they didn't...So why isn't Diamond Select crawling up Applebee's ass for non licensing issues?
What's that?  The BEATLES?!?!?!  Surely they gave THEIR permission for Applebee's to hang up their pic in their 400 restaurants right?  Of course not.
WHAT'S THIS?  THE INSIDE OF PLANET HOLLYWOOD!  Surely THEY licensed Herbie the love bug, Evel Knevil, etc. to be included in their cafe right?  WRONG!  They bought the crap and hung it up...Um, just like I did.

Oh but Diamond Select sends FREE product for Micheal Crawford to review.  Um, how many people see his site?  Yeah that is what I thought.  After he has talked about it, it goes in the archive.  People will have to search for it.  Thousands of people see my cafe though every year....

So what is it Monster Community and Diamond Select?  Since you do not give two shits about Applebee's....nor planet hollywood....

I got it!

Jealousy, and racism because my cafe is in Mexico.  That is the only things I can come up with.




MANY boutiques have Jennifer Aniston on their logos HERE in Mexico.  Did Jennifer ok this?  No!

Thank GOD I live here and not the needle dick United States anymore.  The whole thing has become a liberal cesspool.