Thursday, October 30, 2014

My latest obsessions...

I thought I would do a top 10 list of the things I am actively trying to collect lately..
1. SUPER POWERS- I have Superman restored so he is checked off.  Now I gotta get the others.  I prefer incompletes as I can restore them myself and are usually cheaper.
2. SECRET WARS FIGURES- the two go hand in hand right?  I already have Hobgoblin so he is crossed off the list.  I would love Dr. Doom and Magneto because I am imagining putting capes on them and making them my version of complete.
3.STAR WARS AND REACTION- I am more focused on Star Wars than reaction right now for sure.  I feel I must collect the old stuff before I even start on the new.  I have a few figures but it is only 15 or so thanks to BuzzChuck!  I am not even interested in ROTJ stuff.  Only the first two movies will do for me.  God would I love an Alien and a Wampa...

4. BATMAN ANIMATED- I have Croc, Phantasm, Joker, and Mad Hatter but that is only scratching the surface.  They released alot that I didn't know about back in the day.
5. THESE 3 MEGOS-  I never had many but I had these three in the past.  There was a blurb on the Mego Museum forums that soon figsinc. will be persuing the Marvel License.  I can only hope for reissues of these!  I would almost want naked Megos to restore them.  It is so much more fun.
6. HALLOWEEN GURLEY CANDLE SKULL- the one on the left.  THAT WAS halloween to me as a kid.  I gotta have it for the Monster Cafe one day.
7. IMAGINEERING VAMPIRE BLOOD BOTTLE-  This was another favorite of mine in my warped childhood.  All I want is the bottle.  It can be empty for all I care.  But at $75 on Ebay I will be in for a long wait.
8. GI JOE PLAYSETS- from 1982-1986.  I for some reason do not even want the figures. I just thought the playsets were cooler.  I have the APC but that is it.  Gotta get my joes back.  Especially this one the Outpost Defender.  This was SO cool!
9. AMAZING SPIDERMAN 200-250- Those were my Spidey issues.  I have 224 and 232 so they are out....But the others scream my childhood to me.
10. WINNIE THE POOH LAMP- This lamp was by my bedside to keep the monsters away when I was a kid.  I will always look on it fondly and will own one one day.  Besides the lamp I currently have SUCKS!  I have to use pliers to turn it off.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


YES!  Finally found a Remco 8 inch Mummy!
 Look at him.  Like he is singing Al Jolson's Mammy!
Yup...He is naked as the day as he was born.  Looks like I will have to restore him as I already did Franky and Drac... But so glad I have one now!  Only the Remco Wolfman eludes me.

Part 2 will be the restoration one day!

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Yup.  I have four Madea movies and NOW I have 5!  Finally!  Wifey and I loved this movie and even cried in it.  Tyler Perry is one mean film maker.  So good!  I think all people should see his stuff to learn how to treat others and live well.  We ordered Madea's Big Happy Family next.  Cannot wait to see what transpires!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


So I got this guy for a good buy.  SO happy he had his boots and hat.  But I still was not happy because his outfit was torn.  He had no guns either..or mask....

So I put my two artists to work and....
Giddy up!  Rose sewed the outfit and Raymundo did the mask and guns out of resin.  So awesome!  To me he is complete now.  I have no desire for the other characters just this one.  This satisfies my Lone Ranger fix now.

Monday, October 20, 2014


This was right before I started reading comics so I suppose they still count.
I really want volumes 9, 10, and 11 more than this one...But this is the only one available at the time.

Friday, October 17, 2014


I was pretty excited to have these.  I found these at the pulgas or flea market some weeks ago.

A lanard wetsuit soldier guy, Egyptian Catwoman, and a frickin Fisher Price guy!  My first in over 30 years.  I never owned the other two.  I think I will rename Egyptian Catwoman to....What is the name of that hairless Egyption cat?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I have been emailing Fangoria to release a book kind of like Marvel Essentials for around a decade now.  I really wanted all of that good material in volumes.  They have ignored me....Till now!
Well not exactly...But it is in the right direction for sure!  I think every Fangoria cover will be featured here in all it's glory!  My friend Eric Hershberg got me into Fangoria around 1982 or so.  My first issue was this one...
And since I was already Friday the 13th part 2 crazy it worked out well.  I am dying to get this.  But as usual since I am so cheap I will probably wait a year or so for the price to come down.

Pretty cool huh for those Fangoria peeps out there!