Saturday, July 26, 2014


Well darn diddley do.  I busted my arse to get my 1977 Godzilla back and this news comes from SDCC 2014...
Yup...They are going to re release the 1977 Godzilla figure!  The only reason I am a little bummed as mine was not perfect.  The handle and tongue were broken off.  I was going to have my artist make them again.  But I am delighted that it is coming out again and I could get a perfect one.  But I will not.  Mine is pretty close.  Mine is original.  AND mine was only $50!  This one will probably be $300 or something.

Friday, July 25, 2014

My father's work on Antique roadshow!

I would imbed the video but youtube will not let me do it.

CRAP!  During the time of my father's death I was so depressed.  To the point of suicide.  For some strange reason I wanted to clean the house out before I killed myself so no one would have to bother with sorting all out.  I was not thinking clearly... My father was an artist.  Painted around 60 paintings.  They were in the way.  I tried on Ebay to sell them and nothing.  So I put a few on Ebay for $60.  A woman bought all of them.  For that cheap price.

I find this link and she writes me stating she made thousands off of my father's paintings.

I wish she had kept that information to herself.  Dad would have wanted me to benefit from his work.  Not her.  When she bought them she called me stating she was just a private collector.  She came across on the phone as a crazy cat lady.  If I knew she was going to sell them, I would have stopped myself.

Oh well.  Live and learn I suppose.

But at least Dad's name is out there.

His old website is still available.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Made in 1976 I had them when I was young.  Never watched an episode of Star Trek till much later in life though.

Now I am a Star Trek addict!  I have them all on DVD and love them.
EMCE Kirk vs. the Mego Lion....Who will win?
So awesome to have these back!  Thanks to EMCE!  I hope to one day at LEAST to have Dr. McCoy.  My landing party will not be complete without him!

I have gotten many of my childhood toys back and could not be more pleased.

Monday, July 21, 2014


I am relatively new to the world of the laptop.  In fact it was just last year I got my first one.  I would put it on my legs on my sofa and just BURN up.  That thing can get hot.  So I bought a cheap plastic one from Big Lots a year and a half ago.
It kinda looked like this but all plastic and without the speakers.    Very cheap plastic.  It broke apart from the heat and USE in 4 months.  So I had my artist make me one...
 This is the top of it.  Notice he made a built in handle...

This is the bottom of it.  All cushy so it will not burn me anymore....Yeah I know this is not as exciting as new toys but it sure helps me blog better.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


I could not believe this thing made it's way down here.  I bought it without hesitation.
It was on list.  I loved it for the first few episodes....OMG!  All they used for many episodes was the Penguin, Joker, and the Riddler.  Catwoman shows up for half of them....Scarecrow and the Mad Hatter are in one episode each.

As a kid I remembered a villain created for the show called Sweet Tooth.  It was burned into my memory because I love candy so much.  He didn't make an appearance.  Some investigative googling later and I know why.  He was shown in another cartoon series called the NEW Adventures of Batman with Batmite which is also on DVD.  I think this was enough though.  This hit my nostalgia button and I am through with it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I could not resist pulling the trigger on this bad boy.  I had almost every GI JOE figure and vehicle from 82 to 86 before I got out of it.  All of it burned in the fire but now I am starting my collection again after all this time.

Why did I choose the APC first?  Because I had this fantasy of putting a mission together with my MU figures and GI JOE!  I have NO GI JOE figures at this time but I will one day.
 The Avengers working in close joint effort with the GI Joe team go to a special mission.
The other members of the team who can fly will be along for the ride.
 Oh yeah baby!
I will be getting my GI Joe collection back one day.  This was the first step.  I hate the straight armed Joes of 1982 so none of them.  I will be focusing on 83 to 86.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


When I started this here blog I was a fan of most of the people that READ my little ole Blog.  Now this is my 500th post.  At first I showcased my cafe, then for a year I got into making my own wrestling playsets and robes.  Now this year around 3 months ago I started acquiring some toys from childhood.  I have made great headway in this area and couldn't be more pleased.  More is to come for sure.

My long term plans are to continue with my cafe which provides my livelihood and to continue with my childhood path.  It is bringing me so much happiness.

I hope to one day close the cafe and retire on a little farm here in Mexico.  More and more I become convinced that I should stay here.  It is cheaper, less rules, etc.  I kept believing the American media about how violent Mexico is etc.  It is mostly all bunk.  However I do miss the U.S. but would rather just travel there than to stay there.

For some of you thank you for accepting me in the blogging community.  BuzzChuck has been the best.  Thanks profoundly to him!  He got me wanting Star Wars vintage again.

Johnny Clawful and Tony too.  Micheal as well.  Cal has been great.

I think I am the dick of the toy blogging world.  No matter how many times I comment on others blogs, they never return the favor.  It must have been the Controversial Thursday posts.  Or that I am a gun loving Republican.

I have many more childhood delights coming.  I do not feel so left out of the loop anymore.  Heck I have Godzilla 1977 and others to keep me company.