Sunday, July 24, 2016


I bought her when she was a baby.  Now she has really grown these last few years.  She ate a little Salamandar I found not too long ago.  So I decided to let her graduate.
I bought her a little mouse to play with!
I tell ya the anticipation of watching her stalk this tiny mouse was awesome.  I felt a little like Tom Green´s character in the 2000 movie Roadtrip.  I wanted Elvy to pounce on her.
But she didn´t.  I think Elvira was confused by the thing because it moved so fast.  It even went in Elvira´s house!

After awhile Elvy came around and ate it.  She ate the entire thing too.  I was amazed.  It was neat to see nature take it´s route.  I didn´t post the gory kill.  I do have a heart ya know!

Thursday, July 21, 2016


I found the Batmobile from the cartoon The Batman at the pulgas.
What is with all those idiotic looking buttons on the top?  That part doesn´t look like no Batmobile.  Since I only saw two seasons of the show I must have missed the explanation.  Well to say I don´t like it would be an understatement.
So I found this on the net.  I think that big batman symbol could cover those ugly buttons.

So I had Ray go to work.
 Had him add the Batman stickers on it.  There was a miscommunication and he delivered it all black.  Eh, that is ok.  I prefer the metallic seventies blue but this will do.
 Best thing?  NO UGLY BUTTONS ON TOP!  Yeah!
Now Batman is ready to patrol the streets of Gothom in his custom Batmobile.

No one comments anymore.  I think the blog has gone the way of the dodo.  Oh well.  I don´t know how to do instagram where it seems like everyone is going.  I guess I will have one of the last blogs in existence.

Monday, July 18, 2016


Found a toybiz Drax the Destroyer figure down here in pulgas.  Notice he has his gold bracelet broken off.  Had to have Ray complete it.
All repaired!  Lousy photo I know.

Saturday, July 16, 2016


Again I saw it on Facebook.  Why should I do without?
Pretty cool huh?  Thor is swinging his hammer about to take off to do battle for the Avengers.  I love it.  Ray made it.  All it is missing is a little more detail but I am pleased with it enough.

Thursday, July 14, 2016


Every year we try to add something new to the Monster Cafe.  Something to make us more efficient etc.
We added this new steel lamina plaque to the sink.  A steel backsplash if you will.  Wifey loves it.
She also added it to the door in the storage area.  Just makes us look a little more professional.
Here is a customer blatantly plugging in his phone to take electricity without asking...SO....
 I took care of it finally.  You would be surprised in a restaurant about how many people think they are entitled to use free electricity without asking.  This is my pet peeve.
So guess what?  All plugged up now!  No more free...stolen electricity....
All outlets have been boarded up.  Our electricity costs money.  I do not see the electricity fairy coming down to give it to me for free so I can pass it onto you.  No, I have to actually pay for the service.
There was an outlet next to this switch...Well no more.  It is only the switch to turn on the light.  No more charging of phones.  I love it!
In the U,S. a guy stole 5 minutes worth of electricity at a soccer field.  The police hauled him in for that.  Justice served.
We also got a steel heavy shelf for our microwave!  Yeah it seems like a little thing but these microwaves take up alot of space.  So it is good to get it out of the way.
A new elevator for our dumb waiter!  A new motor that is.  When Señor Salvador Pape stole our last one saying it would be cheap to fix then he gives us a price of $400 dollars!  We asked for it back and he said no.  So yeah, he did work without asking us if we felt we could pay that and after we said no he stole it.  So we got this new one for....$50 dollars.  People are corrupt.  Whatcha gonna do?

Hopefully we are going to get new waiters and new chefs too.  Our last ones quit without notice.  Just didn´t show up anymore.  When I was young I worked at my jobs for years before I moved on.

Monday, July 11, 2016


When I was a kid about the only shirt one could have is Star Wars.  Nowadays kids get all the cool shirts.  There isn´t alot for us adults down here.

So when I saw this awesome spiderman shirt down here but only for child small....arghhh! I love the Doc Ock chasing Spidey thing going on..I decided to fix it to someone big like me.

 Oh yeah!  Take that ya snotty nosed kids!  Now I can have a cool shirt too.  Just a few little alterations and now an adult can wear them!
Yeah it is a LITTLE small around the shoulder area.  I can have Rosey my sewing gal fix that, no problem.  I am on a roll guys!

Saturday, July 9, 2016


I won a lot off of Ebay 8 years ago.  A famous covers lot.  However none of them had their weapons.  So I had Ray finally remedy that.
 First up we have Gambit.  Needed to add his staff.  Ray did a very awesome job with this.  It is simple as heck.  But looks great.  Looks like it could ratchet down into a little bitty staff.
 Next up is Thor´s hammer.  It is a LITTLE bit big but I do not mind that.  Bigger is better.  Ray even added a little leather strap at the bottom.  The guy is so detailed!
Hawkeye´s bow and arrows are totally custom done.  love that he even put the explosive arrow on the tip.  The other arrows in his quiver and merely show pieces to look like he has some.
 Captain America´s Shield!  Ray did a great job on this one.
HE even did straps so Cap could carry it on his back.  The shield is made of solid steel.  I think a welder had to do it.  It is awesome though.

Ray also fixed a problem with the Famous Covers Ironman but it is so small I didn´t bother to photgraph it.